Partners: Contracts and Community Projects

2015 - current | Vancouver Coastal Health Authority
Critical Incident Stress Management. Providing debriefings and CISM services to employees.

2015 - current | Fraser Health Authority
Critical Incident Stress Management. Providing debriefings and CISM services to employees.

2015 - current | BC Victims Of Homicide
Group facilitator of yearly homicide loss support group.

2015 - current | Homewood Health
Critical Incident Stress Management. Providing debriefings and defusings to management, staff and employees in the community.

2011 - current | Multiple Births Canada
Coordinator of national support network for LGBTQ parents of multiples or LGBTQ identified multiples.

2008 - current | BC Association of Social Workers
Mentoring social workers. Individual meetings and coaching on social work in Vancouver.

2001 - current | Multiple Births Canada Multiple Moments Magazine
Multiple Moments Magazine column writer. Writing for parents of multiples. Published Quarterly.

2006 - 2018 | Children Who Witness Violence
Clinical Consultant for Children Who Witness Abuse Program. Providing clinical consulting to counsellors working with children who have witnessed abuse and violence.

2016 - 2018 | Royal Canadian Mounted Police - Victim Services - Burnaby
Clinical consultant for Victim Services. Providing clinical consultation to victim services workers and management.

2013 | Options Community Services
Provided bi-weekly clinical supervision to the Sexual Abuse Counselling team.

2012 - 2018 | Royal Canadian Mounted Police - Burnaby
Youth Services - Burnaby Clinical Consultant for Youth Services. Providing clinical consulting to counsellors and management.

2009 | Perspectives Publication - BC Association of Social Workers
Member of Editorial Committee; edit and review articles for a quarterly publication.

2009 - 2010 | Child and Adolescent Mental Health
Clinical consultant for Mental Health Therapist working with Sexually Intrusive Behaviors. Vancouver Coastal Health, Ministry for Children and Families, North Vancouver, BC

2008 | Oselya Community For Mutual Aid - Ukraine
Community photography project and interviews with Ukraine's homeless and social work students. Oselya is a family home for homeless men and women located in Vynnyky near Lviv in the western province of Ukraine. Used social photography to enable formerly homeless individuals to capture their stories of finding their way off the streets and back into society.

2008 | Community Educational Services - Canada/Kenya
Voluntary and pro-bono work provided in Kakamega, Kenya through Community Education Services (CES) Canada. CES is a non-profit humanitarian organization dedicated to providing access to education for orphans and other HIV/Aids affected children living in Kenya. Used social photography as a tool for capturing the life and stories of children through their eyes . Provided crisis counselling and debriefings in the wake of post-election tribal violence in Kenya. Click here for the 'Capturing the Story' blog.

2007 | El Agora, Córdoba, Argentina
Interviews and focus groups. Participated in discussions on best practices, security, women's issues and international health. El Agora is a non-profit organization built upon the Greek definition of Agora: "to join, to assemble" and a "public square where the ancient Greeks got together to discuss and to debate." El Agora supports it's citizens and grassroot projects by providing space for reflection, communication and action. Click here for the the El Agora English blog.

2003 - 2007 | Employee Assistance Program Services
Clinical counselling services contracted since 2003 to provide brief solution focused therapy to individuals, partners and their families. EAP counselling services include issues such as family concerns (elder care, blended family, parenting, family of origin, relationship, separation); abuse (emotional, physical, sexual, offender); emotional difficulties (stress, anxiety, depression, anger, grief and loss, medical-related, psychiatric); trauma (assault, rape, domestic violence, traumatic event - witnessing or experiencing); and work issues (career transition, conflict, dissatisfaction, harassment, job stress, performance, retirement, return to work).

2005 - 2007 | Correction Services Canada; Fraser Valley Institution for Women
This two-year contract provided Survivors of Abuse and Trauma Program Services to federally sentenced women. Individual and group counselling was offered through a feminist and holistic approach that includes personal responsibility within a framework of anti-oppressive practice. Creative processes were used to enhance individual healing as well as staff education of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and the systemic oppression of women, with particular attention to childhood abuse and relationship violence.

2005 - 2006 | West Coast College
Instructor in the Criminal Justice and Social Services Diploma Program. Teaching and development of the following course: Feminist Generalist Practice, Anti-Oppressive Practice, Intimate Relationship Violence, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Human Development and Community Counselling Skills.

2006 - 2007 | Indian Residential Schools Resolution Canada (East)
With a focus on employee wellness, interactive workshops were delivered that assist employees and managers to address stress, burnout and vicarious trauma. This project included assessing current practices, creating action plans and making recommendations for employee wellness.

2005 - 2006 | Port Moody Community Action Team
Coordinated a Community Action Team to raise awareness and prevent sexual exploitation of youth. Community partners included Port Moody Police, SHARE, School District, Children of the Street Society, Victim Services, City Council members and youth members. Initial seed funding from the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General.

2005 | Healthy Same-Sex Relationship Group
Eight week clinical therapy group for LGBTQ women. Contracted with the Women's Resource Society of the Fraser Valley, Mission, BC.

2004 | Ministry for Children and Families Development
Best practices review of youth safe houses for the Province of BC. This review included on-site individual and group interviews of management and staff. The process also included youth focus group and youth surveys with particular attention to the specific needs of sexually exploited youth. I also compiled a comprehensive literature review on youth homelessness, best practices and youth sexual exploitation.

2006 - 2007 | Department of Justice - British Columbia
Interviewing of employees and their experience of vicarious trauma followed with individual counselling.