Alternative Relationships

People involved in open, non-monogamous and poly relationships will be met with understanding and appreciation of alternative relationships.

Some people engage in relationships with more then one person in open and honest ways so various needs are met in many different ways.

Counselling with Tania can be used to explore how to improve these relationships, how to communicate needs and how to set boundaries. Sometimes a partner agrees to opening the relationship to solve a revolving issue while other times a non-monogamous agreement is the basis of the relationship. In Tania’s experience, while hearts can hold infinite love the most success in relationships come from a mutually agreed framework for that love, an immense amount of trust and strong communication skills.

Relationships that engage in what is considered kink or BDSM can also be explore without shame or embarrassment. Emphasis is on informed consent with a partner(s) which is sought and maintained throughout any sexual relationship.

Tania reminds couples that in therapy together she will not be a “secret keeper.”

Monogamy and non-monogamy or open relationships don’t need to be considered in a vacuum. Some people really only subscribe to one type of emotional, sexual and romantic relationship while others are interested in or practicing outside of the guidelines of exclusivity. Tania doesn’t ascribe to one type of relationship being better then the other but works with clients to understand what might best meet their needs.