father helping son put on facemaskSome of the reasons people seek counselling are to increase self-worth and self-esteem especially following traumatic and abusive experiences. Therapy is useful to sort out mixed feelings, to build healthy relationships, name the crazy making stuff, and to feel more fulfilled.

Health and wellness also includes the whole you: how you are doing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Depression and anxiety are normal experiences in life. The degree to which people experience them varies, as well as individuals coping skills. Therapy can help with new insights and skills - but it won’t fix things unless you do the work outside of the office too.

Do you feel small things are becoming big things? Or feel activated over things that you’d normally not be?

Counselling with Tania is an opportunity to explore what this means to you and what you want to do about it.

Tania’s approach is non-judgmental, she encourages reflection and works from a feminist perspective. A guiding hand is offered through therapy to learn about the bigger picture and how it affect you. You choose how to explore your relationship to your body, your significant other, your family of origin, and/or your children.


“We are all in this together” does not mean we all have the same experiences or resources. Financially, emotionally, and relationally, people’s experiences differ greatly during large scale crises. The COVID-19 pandemic may have contributed to feelings of loneliness, stress, anxiety, despair, frustration and helplessness. It can be extremely overwhelming for parents, caregivers, front-line workers and regular human beings!

Friendships and relationships may be challenged. Having no “bubble” to connect with or being excluded from a “bubble” can contribute to emotional pain. Increased conflict from too much togetherness may also cause psychosocial stress. Some folks might find themselves experiencing an existential crisis in a pandemic or following a disaster.

Humans are relational. Whether we are introverted or extraverted, we all have needs to connect and to feel understood. Counselling can help with support, understanding oneself more, and strategizing action plans.

Large-scale disasters like earthquakes, fires and floods can bring communities together or tear families apart. Unpacking trauma reactions such as fear, anxiety, restlessness, and hyper-vigilance may reduce short-term and long-term crisis reactions. Counselling or debriefing disasters is helpful for individuals, families, and work environments.

We can work together to generate adaptive skills, increase your capacity for coping and to create new meaning in your life.